5 Attack Methods to Sneak Control Points in Overwatch

by in Overwatch | Nov, 28th 2018

Overwatch is a very action-oriented game that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of downtime for teams to take a breather and reorganize their strategies. Sometimes you can’t break through the enemy team’s defenses, and the smartest play is to try and sneak control points rather than continue charging head-on.

There are a lot of moving parts. Figuring out the type of offensive strategy you want to use against your opponents is critical. It isn’t wise to keep doing the same thing that isn’t working. You need to be able to react to what the opposing team is doing so that you can pivot your tactics to handle them.

Timing and attack methods are key when trying to sneak control points. Yet – what is the ideal method of attack? Today, we’ll go over five different tactics that will hopefully bring you success and increase your overall gameplay.

Now, let’s get into it!

The Sneak Behind Cap

Sneak Behind Cap Gif

The sneak behind cap method is a standard strategy where one or two players manage to sneak past the team fight situation and start capturing the point. When the point starts getting captured – it will force the defending team to react to remove the danger from the point, which opens them up to attacks from both sides.

While they’re reacting to the capture point being attacked – your team will have the opportunity to push past the enemy blockade. It puts the defensive team in a situation of either react quickly or lose the point entirely.

Technically any character can do the sneak behind cap method, but characters that can get around terrain obstacles are ideal so that they can move quickly. The longer that hero or the heroes can survive at the capture point while the rest of your teammates push in – the better.

The two-person flyers, such as Pharah and Mercy, working together are a great duo to sneak control points since they can fly right over them and set up shop.

The Fake Out

Faking out the other team can be an extremely effective mind game tactic to mess with your opponents and take them off their game. To do a fake out – you merely go to the capture point and then get away from it when they come to defend. Rinse and repeat.

The idea is to get away quickly enough without getting killed because the second they go back to their position, you will try to cap it again. It isn’t necessarily trying to sneak the capture, but rather to make the opposite team react to the fact you are there.

Hopefully, it forces enough of their team to break off and handle the situation – which in turn may be just enough to let your teammates push through their defenses. This method works even better if they only send a single hero and you can eliminate them.

The Drive-By

The drive-by method is a brute force attack with the designated goal of maneuvering past the enemy until they reach the control point. Instead of engaging the enemy team with the intent to “kill” – the idea is to delay your opponents, so your team can get to the control point first.

Once there, your team sets up shop as the opposing team chases you back to the control point and a team fight commences. However, it’s almost like the roles get reversed since the defensive team is now trying to attack while the offensive team holds the point.

This method works best against heavy shield, tank-based, and less mobile teams who won’t be able to adapt to the quick pace necessary to thwart the drive-by method. I highly recommend having a Lucio for the speed increase when using this method so you can outpace the other team.

High Ground Approach

Pharah High Ground Gif

A very standard battle tactic used in warfare since the dawn of man is gaining the high ground. The high ground is superior – it’s science. You have a better vantage point of your enemy, defenses, and can reign down destruction more thoroughly upon them.

When using the high ground approach to sneak control points – the team must coordinate together so as not expose their tactics prematurely. The idea is to get the high ground over the capture point and when your team pushes the fight there – you have a tactical ambush advantage against them.

Pharah is always an ideal pick when it comes to anything high ground related because her rockets are devastating when being shot down on folks. The idea is by the time the enemy notices the high ground attacks – it’s too late, and they are already fighting for the point.

Ultimate Coordination

Finally, we have the ultimate coordination method, which is somewhat of a “duh” when it comes to Overwatch tactics. The ultimate coordination is to bombard the opposing team with so much destruction that they can’t counter it. It requires some patience.

Ideally, you will want to take the team fight to the capture point and use standard team fight tactics while coordinating ultimates on the point. The goal is to use everyone’s abilities at the right time in a coordinated effort to team kill them or push them far enough off the point to cap it.

There are a lot of great combos that both force people away and completely wipe out the other team. For example, Mei’s Blizzard ultimate combined with D.Va’s Self-destruct could effectively wipe out the opposing team, or at least push them way off point.

There are a lot of different ultimate combos that can be effective together, remember, coordination is key!

Sneak Control Points Wrap Up

No one method is ideal when it comes to trying to sneak control points. You have to read the situation and react accordingly. You can even combine some of these methods so that they can be even more effective. However, one thing remains the same in all the methods: Capture points.

Ideally, you want to find a method to get to the capture point and make the battle occur there when you are on offense. Aside from the fact wiping them there lets you capture the point, it also disorients the other team and throws them off their game.

Overwatch is heavily reliant on tactics, and the mind game is half the battle. If you can win the mind game, then the battle is half won.

There are a lot of strategies out there, and I hope some of these methods can help your gameplay!


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