2021 LEC Summer Split: Has the G2 Esports Dynasty Come to an End?

by in League of Legends | Jun, 9th 2021

We’re mere hours away from the 2021 LEC Summer Split and, naturally, there’s a burning question in the air: will we witness the definitive end of the G2 Esports dynasty? Have the “kings” fallen once and for all, or will they mount a comeback and reclaim what is “rightfully” theirs?

There are many ways in which we can interpret their most recent fall from grace. Some of them are relatively favorable, others less so. But regardless of your assessment, one thing cannot be denied: G2 Esports rested on their laurels, and the same can be said for their coaching staff as well — something they’ve hopefully remedied a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t prepare all that well, their drafts ranged from mediocre to downright dreadful, and their play left a lot to be desired as well. Add to that a bad read on the meta and you get a shockingly mediocre playoffs run (at least by G2’s standards).

Have they spoiled us over the years? Undoubtedly. Were we right to have such high expectations? Absolutely.

And so now we are left to wonder: will the few changes they’ve made matter? Or are witnessing an actual passing of the guard? Once the Spring Split concluded, no one was all too sure whether MAD Lions really were as good as it seemed, or if they just “overperformed” at the best possible moment and capitalized on a spectacular surge. Well, if their phenomenal run at the Mid-Season Invitational is anything to go by, they’re the real deal, and will undoubtedly enter the upcoming Summer Split with a metric ton of hype and momentum — both of which have been earned fair and square.

A Strange Outlook

We’re all still taken aback by G2’s fall from grace. There’s no other way to phrase it. We’ve all become accustomed to seeing them dominate and outclass their opposition with staggering ease. No one could’ve foreseen this shocking turn of events and, frankly, we still can’t fully wrap our heads around it — they’d only made a single change to their starting line-up and, frankly, it was a change for the better. If there was ever a player G2 could replace Luka “Perkz” Perković with, it had to be Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. The “Kings of Europe” had all the right tools to dominate and go on yet another spectacular run, and yet none of it materialized.

Who’s to blame and what went awry is less important at this point in time. What is important, however, is whether or not they have the motivation and drive to once again reach the very top of the region. When you’ve done, won, and seen it all, it’s mighty hard to put in the extra hours — there’s nothing left to be gained. They’ve proven their worth and will go down in history as one of the best teams in League of Legends history. If these players were to retire tomorrow and never queue up for a game of Summoner’s Rift ever again they’d still be considered as competitive LoL royalty. And, well, given their many trophies and first-place finishes, it’s not like they’re strapped for cash either.

They’re situated for life, so one simply has to wonder whether they still “have it in them.” The old Marvin Hagler quote comes to mind: “it’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5 AM when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.” Words no longer matter at this point — it’s all about action. G2 Esports have all the tools they need to mount a comeback for the ages, but if they don’t roll up their sleeves and get back to the drawing board they won’t be able to accomplish much.

It’s a Young Man’s Game

We’ve seen just how hungry and motivated MAD Lions and Rogue were, the intensity and zeal with which they fought for every inch of the Summoner’s Rift. It was a truly marvelous sight — these young players were finally able to capitalize and etch their names in history (some more than others). And, naturally, they’re bound to transfer such momentum into the second half of 2021 as well. G2 Esports, by comparison, looked old and lost, they telegraphed their moves and were easy to read, they lacked the mechanical prowess and sheer ingenuity with which they’ve been graced for so darn long.

They were beaten by both MAD Lions and Rogue, and nearly dropped to Schalke 04 as well. They’re fallible, and everyone knows it. Still, these are the moments when the biggest of narratives are made. G2 will be the ones writing the next chapter of their story, and they’ll get to choose the ending, too. The stage has been set, and now all they have to do is tap into their reservoirs and give us a show — one that we’ll all remember for the years to come.

So, has the G2 Esports dynasty come to an end? Will it crumble even further in the upcoming 2021 Summer Split? Right now, we’d have to respond with a very confident “no,” and we’re glad to be able to do so. They dropped the ball last split. Of that we’re all aware. But they’re still stacked from head to toe and are undeniably the most experienced and dangerous team in the LEC; that won’t change any time soon. So if they put their best foot forward, draft to their strengths, and compete with a bit more fervor, they’ll no doubt stand a big chance of reclaiming their throne.

And, naturally, we can’t wait to see it all unfold! The 2021 LEC Summer Split is scheduled to commence this Friday, with G2 Esports taking on the MAD Lions — an absolute spectacle in every sense of the word!


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