2020 Spring Split LCS Week 2 Predictions

by in League of Legends | Jan, 30th 2020

With the opening weekend of the 2020 LCS Spring Split now over, we’ve gotten a glimpse at how all 10 teams prepared in the off-season, who had a good read on the meta, and who made good roster moves in the off-season.

Now, Week 2 is quickly coming up upon us. While it’s still early in the season, the matchups in our LCS 2020 Week 2 predictions will set the tone for most of the teams for the coming weeks. Some of the bottom squads getting a win or two could make the difference between a deep playoff run and come dead last in the league.

So, without further ado, let’s dive on into this week’s matchups and take a look at who’s likely to win with our LCS 2020 Week 2 predictions.

CLG CLG Logo vs 100 Thieves100 Thieves logo ( February 1 @ 2 PM PT)

Our first matchup of the week has Counter Logic Gaming taking on 100 Thieves in what many are seeing as a major test of both teams. Both had rather poor showings on opening weekend, with CLG seemingly regressing in every role except mid lane, while 100T showed immense struggles in mid and bottom lane. Ryoma and Stunt just looked completely outclassed against their counterparts, and in the case of the latter this has had a major impact elsewhere as his dual-laner Cody Sun has struggled to keep even in lane with Stunt supporting him.

Ryoma shows signs of potentially becoming a solid role player as the split goes on. I don’t think he’ll amount to more than that. But, Stunt has looked pretty weak in the two games we’ve seen so far. His stats are very similar to ADC turned support Keith from Golden Guardians.

That’s not to say the team is without any bright spots, however, as their top side has looked rather good so far given the teams struggles elsewhere, especially in jungle where Meteos has failed to record a single kill this split so far. Given Rek’ Sai and Elise are in meta, I think 100T should focus on giving those champions to Meteos to help him facilitate ganks and get a bit more carry potential out of him.

CLG, meanwhile, has its own set of problems to deal with on their roster. Mmany of their players failed to find the form they had towards the end of Summer Split last year. The team has only gotten 10 kills in the two games it played so far this split, with half of those coming from Crown alone. Of course, you get fewer kills in losses, and starting 0-2 is gonna make that number look lower than usual, but that’s bad to see only five kills between the four players beyond him over two games.

Wiggily’s got a nice steal Saturday and was instrumental in helping Ruin pick off WildTurtle every fight Sunday. Still, he’s largely felt invisible otherwise, not pushing his will onto lanes or the other jungler as much as we saw last year. There was also that embarrassing dive in mid lane, but that is undoubtedly something that shouldn’t happen again.

The bottom lane is the worst offender, though, only managing a single kill between Stixxay and Smoothie this weekend. In a meta where the ADC has a lot of power with Senna and Aphelios, that’s just not going to fly, and the two need to step it up. Still, both their losses came to two of the top three teams in the league right now, so having some time to play against a much weaker bot in Cody Sun and Stunt could be the opportunity for the bot side to pop off finally. 100 Thieves is still finding their footing, and if Crown keeps playing like he has there’s a good chance CLG can end up running away with this game.

That mid matchup is going to be the focus of this match, and the players’ interaction with their junglers could be the deciding factor. Still, even if jungle pressure doesn’t play much effect, I think CLG has the stronger mid and bottom lane to carry this match and will pick-up a likely drawn out but a much-needed win for themselves.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Counter Logic Gaming

DignitasTeam Dignitas logo vs Team Liquid (February 1 @ 3 PM PT)

This match is a little hard to predict right now because we still don’t know if Broxah will be in this weekend or not. It’s clear the team is off without the man they’ve been practicing all off-season with, and if they must do another week with Shernfire I’m not sure how they’ll handle this game. Liquid is the strongest roster in the league on paper, but their struggles in the early game right now could prove highly problematic against a team that wants to scale like Dignitas.

Despite what some analysts have claimed about always believing Dig would be a good team, it came as a major surprise to see them go 2-0 in Week 1, with the team seemingly firing on all cylinders right out of the gate as Johnsun has almost seamlessly transitioned from amateur to pro play and Froggen has proven once again that he has what it takes to be among the best mid laners in the league.

It’s a tough match to predict the outcome of, especially given how bad Dig’s opposition looked last week making it hard to tell just how good they are, but if Liquid still lacks Broxah, this should be a win for them. If he does come in finally, however, things get interesting.

Liquid could prove an obstacle too difficult to overcome for the still assimilating roster and has a good chance of running over Dig if they don’t play up to form. It’s going to be an important test either way for Dig and could change the discussion on whether they’re looking like just a mid tier, possible playoff team, or if they have what it takes to hang with the top dogs. My money is on the latter rather than the former, but we’ll have to wait and see.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Dignitas

Cloud9Cloud9 Logo vs ImmortalsImmortals logo (February 1 @ 4 PM PT)

This match has a high chance to be one of the fastest games we see all split if Week 1 was anything to go by, as Cloud9 takes on Immortals in our third game of the day. Cloud9 tore through Team Liquid in 24-minutes and looks like a team who is coming up on the middle of the split in terms of performance, not one just finishing the first week of league play. They’re fast, their macro is good, and they know how to take small gains and turn them into major objectives and map plays. Even better for them, Zven and Vulcan have looked like an immaculate

Immortals, on the other hand, looks like arguably the weakest team in the league next to Golden Guardians, and has only one-win condition in dragging the game out too late so the team can scale. Every player on their roster looks like a weaker version of their C9 counterparts and given their opponents pace. They’re almost certainly not getting anywhere near their one path to victory.

The real question here is not going to be if C9 wins but when, and if they put their foot down, this game could be over at or under 20-minutes. There’s a chance it could go on longer than that point, which would help IMT’s chances, but given how their early game has looked I highly doubt it.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Cloud9

Golden GuardiansGolden Guardians Logo vs Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses Logo(February 1 @ 5 PM PT)

Another 0-2 vs 1-1 matchup to close out Day 1 of Week 2, the Golden Guardians take on Evil Geniuses in a game that is likely to be decided within the first 20-minutes. Both teams put a lot of emphasis on their early gameplay, with both Closer and Svenskeren constantly trying to create plays and opportunities around the map. Both teams have good mid laners and decent top laners, though Jiizuke could pop off again in mid for EG if he gets Leblanc again.

The big deciding factor in this game is going to be bottom lanes, and here EG has a clear edge over GGS. Bang and Zeyzal are miles ahead of FBI and Keith in terms of mechanical skill, and Golden Guardian’s bot lane has looked entirely outclassed in both matches they played last weekend. All the hype around Keith picking up support fell apart as he got picked off time and time again, and while FBI has managed decent play so far, he’s constantly struggling in lanes against much stronger opponents.

With Sven focused on early game pressure, this lane is going to be ganked time and time again until Bang or he snowballs out of control or FBI and Keith collapse under pressure. If it gets past 20-minutes, the heavy nerf to the jungler is going to make Closer a lot less able to carry the match, and with a heavily fed Bang and much better teamfighting from EG, the chances of GGS finding a win get worse. I like the GGS boys, so I want them to pull a win out of the hat here, but I just don’t see it happening right now unless EG plays like they did Saturday, which really shouldn’t happen again.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Evil Geniuses

Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Logo vs TSM Team SoloMid Logo (February 2 @ 12 PM PT)

Ending Day 1 and starting Day 2, Evil Geniuses will have little time rest and relax before taking on the currently winless TSM to open Sunday. Another battle of the early game teams, every lane is going to be under pressure to perform against their counterparts. Both top laners seem evenly matched, the jungle, mid, and ADC too, with support being the only place where there’s a difference between Biofrost and Zeyzal.

It’s going to come down to macro this game. In that case, we’ve got to give it to TSM to take the day. While TSM has shown a complete inability so far this split to handle anything past that effectively, though a lot of that can be put on the shoulders of Bjergsen and his new control of the team, which struggled last week as he came down with a flu prior to the start of play, which definitely takes a toll on one’s mental and physical capabilities.

There’s just so much raw talent in the TSM line-up, if they can stop running around like headless chickens this should be their game to win, especially if Bjerg is able to fully recover in time and shut down Jiizuke’s roaming. If they don’t, however, and last week was the best they got, then this is going to be an incredibly long Spring Split for NA’s winningest org.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – TSM

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest FlyQuest logo (February 2 @ 1 PM PT)

FlyQuest shocked the community last week with their 2-0 start to Spring Split and green-orientated branding, yet they’ve quickly become a fan favorite org under their new CEO. With IgNar and PowerOfEvil finally reunited on a team together, Fly tore up CLG and Immortals last week and secured a three-way tie for first place.

This match, like for Dig before them, will be a major test as to where the team stands in relation to other top teams, as while Liquid has started 1-1, they’re still playing with a last-minute substitute jungler. Unlike Dig, however, I think Fly could take Liquid even if Broxah manages to get his visa issues sorted out.

The Fly players are playing at their peak performance right now, with the two new additions seemingly lighting a spark of motivation in the remaining players from last year. While individually they may be weaker than their opponents, together they form a mighty force to be reckoned with. If they can play at the same level they did this past weekend they should give Liquid a run for their money and likely take a win here.

Liquid, on the other hand, is going to have to fight for this win to avoid falling too far behind the front of the back early on, and whether or not Broxah returns the rest of the roster needs to step up, especially Jensen. He’s one of the few mids that hasn’t even tried to play Qiyana yet. There are concerns he might be struggling to pick the champion up given it’s a ban for them even if they’re first pick, and even suggestions his champion pool as a whole may be getting pinched this season. With Liquid getting blue side this game, I want to see them leave it open for either their opponent to ban or for them to first pick for themselves. If they ban Qiyana again with the first pick, I think it only adds more validity to the concerns.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – FlyQuest

100 Thieves 100 Thieves logo vs Cloud9 Cloud9 Logo (February 2 @ 2 PM PT)

Another team struggling so far, this early season, this should again be a pretty quick and easy win for Cloud9 to secure a 4-0 start to the split. Nisqy and Vulcan are vastly superior to their counterparts in Ryoma and Stunt, respectively, and the rest of the C9 line-up matches up well with their lane opposition. However, Zven may outclass Cody Sun given Vulcan and his strong play together.

If 100 Thieves even once to have a chance at this one, they’re going to need to try and play through Ssumday in the top lane, but given how poorly that worked out when GGS tried the same with Hauntzer and Closer, I’m not sure they’re going to be able to win off of that either. Still, this match will be great to see how the arguably strongest top laners in the league matchup right now, and could be a good time to see if Licorice, who has struggled a bit since hurting his wrist last year, can finally come back fully to his league dominating form. Beyond that there’s not much to say, C9 should get a pretty solid win here.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Cloud9

Immortals Immortals logo vs Golden Guardians Golden Guardians Logo (February 2 @ 3 PM PT)

We close out Day 2 of Week 2 with a battle at the bottom of the standings between two of the league’s weakest looking teams, Immortals and Golden Guardians. Both teams have struggled in Week 1 and are like coming into this matchup at 1-2 and 0-3 respectively, with both eager to find a win here to stem the bleeding of their early defeats.

Both teams have opposite win conditions they’re going to be playing for, and the game is likely going to be decided by about the 30-minute mark at the latest. Golden Guardians is an entirely early game focused team, so they’ll need to put the pedal to the metal this game to get a snowball going and try and end it before half an hour has passed, after which point their macro and FBI/Keith both begin to struggle.

If it goes past 30-minutes, this game is almost certainly in the bag for Immortals and their late game only win condition, so they’ll be looking to slow the game down and drag it out to get to that point. Expect heavy focus on the jungle roll this game, as Xmithie tries to shut down Closers crazy aggression and playmaking ability for his team, while the Turk himself will be trying to find lanes to snowball out of control.

No matter who wins this match, though, it’s likely to be the least exciting matchup we see this week, and I’m more looking forward to seeing who comes up worse than who comes up looking better this game. My prediction, though, is that it’s going to be Immortals falling short this game, as I’m not sure they can handle all the pressure GGS is going to throw at them early on.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – Golden Guardians

FlyQuest FlyQuest logo vs Dignitas Team Dignitas logo (February 3 @ 5:30 PM PT)

There’s a good chance both teams come into this match undefeated this week, and if so, it’s going to be probably the most hyped match so far. Both teams have surprised everyone with their 2-0 starts to the split, with strong performances across their lanes, and will be looking to cement themselves as a top of the pack team.

Expect a lot of pressure on the junglers early on to create opportunities for their laners to get ahead, and a lot of teamfights around objectives as both teams vie for control of the map and the ever-important Drake Soul. While the in-game is always important for teams, the draft phase is likely where our winner is going to be decided here. With the team’s seemingly so evenly matched in the skill level right now, who gets which of the OP champions will be key in setting the tone for the game, and if either can pick-up the likes of Diana or Qiyana for their mid laner this could swing easily in their favor.

I’d watch the mid lane matchup intensely this game, as with the bot side, as both lanes are going to be key in whether or not either team will gain strong drake control for most of the match, and an early turret in either lane could allow the team who took it to get vision control around the pit and lock it down for most of the remained of the match.

This match is a coin toss at the moment. Still, I’m going to give it to FlyQuest here, as I think Santorin as a jungler will prove much more effective at getting his team that early lead in those two lanes as opposed to Grig, and while he is a master of stealing objectives, Grig is going to find it hard to even get near the pit if he has no turrets to fall back to safely.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – FlyQuest

TSM tsm-logo vs CLG CLG Logo (February 3 @ 6:30 PM PT)

Another bottom of the table standing, and with a good chance of seeing both teams come in at 0-3 ahead of what would otherwise be an insanely hyped matchup any other year. Both TSM and CLG are going to be looking to right the flagging ships they found themselves in so far this split, with TSM hoping to use their early game prowess to take the game quickly from CLG.

This match feels more one-sided to me than it appears at first glance, as while both teams are sitting at 0-2 now, TSM has shown signs of life at some point. CLG has been so lackluster in their games. I don’t think anyone but Crown on the squad can compare to their counterparts on TSM.

It’s feeling CLG’s record over TSM is going add another notch in the loss column if they play as they did in Week 1, with their one hope being that Crown just pops off and carries his team to victory. While it can happen on occasion, look at Jiizuke on that Leblanc last week, it’s a much rarer occurrence nowadays than it was in the past. With a likely healthy Bjergsen as his opponent, I just don’t think he’s going to be able to generate the lead he needs to do so.

LCS 2020 Week 2 Predictions: Winner – TSM

2020 Spring Split LCS Week 2 Predictions Wrap-Up

So, with all the matchups over, our predictions for the week leave the teams in the following standings:

  • Cloud9 (4-0)
  • FlyQuest (4-0)
  • Dignitas (3-1)
  • TSM (2-2)
  • Evil Geniuses (2-2)
  • 100 Thieves (1-3)
  • Team Liquid (1-3)
  • Golden Guardians (1-3)
  • Immortals (1-3)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (1-3)

Will our results hold up, or will we see some crazy upsets this weekend? Tune in Saturday at 2 PM PT at LoL Esports to find out. As always, stick with us as we’ll be covering the LCS season every week with more previews, reviews, and analysis, so stay tuned.


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