2020 Spring Split LCS Week 1 Predictions

by in League of Legends | Jan, 26th 2020

With the opening weekend of the 2020 LCS Spring Split having finally arrived we decided to take a look at and give our predictions for the upcoming matches. We’ll be breaking down which teams we think will come out on top, and who could end up surprising folks. So, without further ado, let’s dive on in.

Cloud9Cloud9 Logo vs Team Liquid (January 25 @ 2 PM PT)

The two strongest teams in North America and last Summer Splits finalists are back to kick off the 2020 season. This going to be an interesting match to watch. C9 dropped three players in the offseason, including LCS Summer MVP Svenskeren and long-time ADC Sneaky, and picked up Zven and Vulcan to give a boost in the bot lane. For the jungle, meanwhile, the team promoted their Academy player Blaber, who subbed in several times over the last year.

Team Liquid, meanwhile, only made one change, though a major one, in dropping jungler Xmithie for Fnatic all-star and former Worlds finalist Broxah. While a massive power boost to the Liquid line-up and expected to give them the tools needed to make it past the Group Stage at Worlds finally. He won’t play this weekend due to visa issues so that Pobelter will be standing in as the team’s jungler.

While it’s sad not to get to see Liquid at their full strength this week, it should still be a good match between the two teams and could be an early sample of the Spring Split Grand Final if both teams live up to their full potential across the split.

Declaring a winner, however, can be a bit tricky, but we’re going to go with Cloud9 for this one. While the team has changed the majority of its roster up in the offseason, they’ve been practicing hard to build their synergy up, especially in the newest members of Zven and Vulcan. They took a trip to South Korea together of their own volition in December to build their lane-synergy.

While the roster has had a lot of changes, they’re at least going to be playing with the squad they’ve been practicing with this entire time and players in their natural roles, while Liquid will be struggling with a sub playing an off role for the week. While the rest of the team’s skills would typically be enough to roll over other rosters, Cloud9’s one of the two this year where you need to be at full strength if you want to take them down. So, an L for the reigning champions is likely the outcome.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – Cloud9

Counter Logic GamingCLG Logo vs DignitasTeam Dignitas logo (January 25 @ 3 PM PT)

CLG made some interesting changes this offseason with the departure of PowerOfEvil and Biofrost for Crown and Smoothie respectively, the latter of which came in the trade of Bio to TSM. While Smoothie is arguably a bit weaker than Biofrost was, Crown has a much higher ceiling than PoE did and a more varied champion pool. Being able to hold his own in mid should allow Wiggly more room to focus on the bottom and top lanes that need more pressure to win their matchups. Unfortunately, Crown is currently having visa issues, so Tuesday is going to have to fill in for him.

Dignitas, on the other hand, tore apart everything they had with Clutch last year, with only Huni remaining on the starting line-up from that Worlds squad. While the addition of Froggen will give them a strong mid-lane to play around who doesn’t need assistance, the rest of this roster is leaving a lot to be desired. Grig hasn’t shown up in stage play in any of his showings, while the team’s bot lane of Johnsun and Aphromoo looks like one of the League’s weakest. With Aphro coming off a year, many wonder whether he’s coming towards the end of his career and Johnsun being an untested rookie.

While the roster might come together in due time, it’s almost certainly not ready to pop off this weekend. While C9’s Zven has called CLG a weaker team, especially with Tuesday starting, they should still easily take a win through their higher skilled players in jungle and bottom in the matchup.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – Counter Logic Gaming

100 Thieves100 Thieves logo vs Golden Guardians Golden Guardians Logo(January 25 @ 4 PM PT)

100 Thieves made arguably the biggest changes in the offseason after dropping their entire starting line-up to bring back the three core members of its 2018 Spring Split run to the finals. Ssumday, Meteos, and Cody Sun all returning to the squad after roster moves shuffled them out over the last year and a half. The only real concerns for this squad lay in OCE mid-laner Ryoma and support Stunt, both of which fans have feared could be the weakest in their respective roles. Rumors have also circulated that 100T bottom lane has been performing rather poorly in scrims so far. While we’ve seen many examples of players flipping from scrim to stage, it’s still a major concern to be hearing so close to the start of the split.

Golden Guardians, on the other hand, made the arguably most controversial roster move of the offseason when they moved their former Academy ADC Keith to the starting support position on the squad. Keith always performed incredibly well in scrims but bombed on stage. Having to completely swap roles as a last-ditch effort for them to get a support does not bode well for their bot lanes performance, especially after the struggles FBI had last year.

The rest of the line-up is pretty good between Hauntzer top, TCL MVP Closer in jungler, and Goldenglue in the mid lane, it’s just the bottom lane that’s a problem. With both teams having struggles in that position, the workload comes down to the rest of the map. While Goldenglue should be much stronger than Ryoma, there’s a good chance 100 Thieves runs over Golden Guardian’s top side of the map between Ssumday and Meteos. If Ssumday starts popping off in this game, it could end very quickly in 100T favor, and that’s what we’re expecting is going to happen.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – 100 Thieves

ImmortalsImmortals logo vs FlyQuestFlyQuest logo (January 25 @ 5 PM PT)

Another bottom half of the league matchup, expectations are rather low as Immortals takes on FlyQuest to close out the day. Immortals took a lot of risk this offseason upon taking over OpTic Gaming’s spot, trading out the entire roster for one of the League’s most puzzling. The team imported top laner sOAZ, fresh off an abysmal season with Misfits that saw him benched halfway through Summer Split. Also, Eika, a French player whose been sitting in the second tier scene for close to six years now.

Having only gotten on a top-flight team once with Elements in the EU LCS back in the Spring of 2016, a split in which the team went 6-12. While they’ve got great role players in Xmithie and Hakuho at jungle and support respectively, their ADC also leaves another question mark. Altec has been out of competitive play for the past year after failing to find a squad in 2019.

There’s a lot of question marks on how this roster is going to perform and whose going to carry it. While this team could pop off if they start firing on all cylinders, there’s an even greater chance they fall flat on their face, especially against more reliable competition in FlyQuest.

FlyQuest took on two changes to their line-up this offseason after seemingly falling apart throughout Summer Split last year. They picked up PowerOfEvil from CLG to bring some more reliable firepower to the mid lane. Former FC Schalke 04-star support IgNar will help apply lane pressure for their ADC WildTurtle. This roster also lacks a consistent star to pop off and carry the team. V1per often will get focused throughout the game to keep him shut down, though the boosted bottom lane could help alleviate a bit of that pressure.

There’s just a lot of concern given how the team seemed to crumble after last year. While this might be problematic for them as the split progresses, they should have a relatively easy time with the much more haphazardly thrown together Immortals line-up if they play to their strengths, especially around the bottom lane if Santorin puts his focus there.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – FlyQuest

DignitasTeam Dignitas logo vs Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses Logo(January 26 @ 12 PM PT)

Evil Geniuses first showing in the LCS, there are a lot of high hopes for this roster heading into this matchup. The team has Summer Split MVP Svenskeren leading the charge in the jungle, while highly lauded former C9 Academy top laner Kumo will be waiting for Huni in the top lane. The rest of the roster has managed to pick up two strong imports in Jiizuke for mid and Bang for ADC.

Even though they both had a disappointing 2019, they’re still highly praised mechanically, and could easily pop off and take control if their opposition doesn’t play safe. The only weak point for this roster would have to be in former C9 support Zeyzal, who looked poor in many matchups last year with the boys in blue.

In a head-to-head matchup, EG should have the upper hand almost entirely. Sven has run circles around Grig in their past meetings, tracking him all over the map, while Bang has Worlds winning experience brought to the table against an untested rookie with one game under his belt.

The only possible win I can see for Dig is if Huni pops off on Kumo, though Kumo’s mechanics lead me to believe that’s not going to happen. While the top and mid lanes may go even at first, the jungle and bottom side differences are likely to blow this game open for EG, securing them a win in their first LCS outing and a 1-0 start to their campaign to Worlds 2020.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – Evil Geniuses

TSMTeam SoloMid Logo vs ImmortalsImmortals logo (January 26 @ 1 PM PT)

A lot of people have argued TSM is going to be a top two or three team this year, having brought back their much-beloved support Biofrost and importing star former Schalke ADC Kobbe over from Europe in place of Zven. There’s a lot of carry potential all over this team. While there are stilling linger doubts about new jungler Dardoch’s ability to keep his calm on a roster for more than a few weeks, they matchup well against each of their counter-parts on Immortals.

This should honestly be a stomp for TSM. It’s only their first game. There surely will be things to fix. A long game or loss will lead to some concerns for the roster, concerns that often cause trouble internally as well. Still, expectations are for a solid win for TSM here, and a 0-2 start for the Immortals line-up in their first split back.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – TSM

Golden GuardiansGolden Guardians Logo vs Cloud9Cloud9 Logo (January 26 @ 2 PM PT)

Like the TSM vs Immortals matchup, there isn’t much to say here. Cloud9 should stomp on Golden Guardians. They know how Goldenglue plays and have higher skilled players in every role on this team. The only point I think could be argued would be at jungle, depending on how Closer transitions over here. But, even then, it’s evenly matched at best for him.

With a significantly weaker bottom side, Golden Guardians are going to be hard-pressed to get things rolling in mid and top, though Blaber’s strength in the early game is going to make that incredibly difficult. Their best hope is to drag this out past 20 minutes, where Blaber has often struggled. C9 may not have yet developed late-game strategies in the hopes of turning the tides, but it’s going to take everything they have to get there, something I don’t see happening.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – Cloud9

FlyQuestFlyQuest logo vs Counter Logic GamingCLG Logo (January 26 @ 3 PM PT)

PowerOfEvil gets to take on his former team to close out the Sunday matches this week. This might honestly be a closer match than many would expect. C9’s Zven has spoken of how CLG has been weaker than they thought based on scrims. Weakness could be a great opportunity for FlyQuest to capitalize on.

V1per and Ruin match great on the top side. Wiggly and Santorin are close in the jungle with a slight lead to Wiggly. Even the bottom lane looks somewhat evenly matched. The biggest strength gap of the entire match coming down to IgNar vs Smoothie.

If FlyQuest can get one of their carries to start popping off and snowballing that lead across the map, this could be a chance for Fly to take down what many consider a top four or five team in the League. The same strategy could also work inversely for CLG. However, it’s going to be a cautious balancing act between both teams. CLG will have to manage their much weaker mid-side to prevent him from getting run over.

Expect some early game lane bullies like Renekton or Camille in the top lane, heavy gank junglers and a high contention for Caitlyn in the bottom lane. Both junglers are going to be on the lookout for lanes to gank and get ahead. So, Wiggly and Santorin will be the players to watch throughout this match and could be the difference between victory or defeat with even the first ten minutes.

I think FlyQuest will take it. While Wiggly developed into quite the effective jungler and Santorin struggled recently, the mid lane difference between Tuesday and PowerOfEvil will be too much for CLG to overcome. Things will be different the next time around when Crown finally gets in. But, until then it’s going to be a gaping hole in the CLG line-up around mid lane.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – FlyQuest

Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Logo vs 100 Thieves100 Thieves logo (January 27 @ 5:30 PM PT)

Our first ever Monday-night match up in the LCS sees Evil Geniuses taking on 100 Thieves. This matchup is a lot closer than it looks given where both team’s strengths and weaknesses lay. Honestly, the game could go either way depending who gets rolling early on.

EG is going to want to focus on their mid and bottom lane where 100 Thieves is at their weakest. If Svenskeren can get something going with ganks, EG should roll through those lanes. For 100 Thieves, their victory condition rests upon Ssumday and Meteos carrying. Kumo is still a young player. Ssumday, the arguably strongest top laner in the League, could prove EG’s downfall if the rest of 100T can hold their ground until Ssumday gets out of control.

While that is a possibility, it’s far more likely EG comes out on top given they have two paths to victory over one. So, keep a close eye out on Jiizuke and Bang to see if they can pop off.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – Evil Geniuses

TSMTeam SoloMid Logo vs Team Liquid (January 27 @ 6:30 PM PT)

The last match of week one sets up another potential Spring Split Final matchup in TSM vs Team Liquid. Both teams have major stars across every role. While Liquid will be missing Broxah still, their sheer skill alone should make this a close match. Every lane is evenly matched going into this. It’ll come down to early game leads and team fights to determine a victor.

Expect a lot of ganks from Dardoch early on to try and outpace lane-filled Pobelter in the match and get his lanes rolling. Also, expect an aggressive push from Liquid’s bottom side to get that snowballing and put pressure on the newly formed bottom side for TSM. Jungle difference is what we see the keys to victory are here. With Pobelter just filling in, TSM should honestly have this game in the bag.

While a 0-2 start for Liquid does suck for the super team, they’re just biding their time until Broxah finally hits the stage. It’s a ticking time bomb for the rest of the League to get as many wins as they can off the bat before the team entirely comes online.

LCS 2020 Week 1 Predictions: Winner – TSM

2020 Spring Split LCS Week 1 Predictions Wrap-Up

So, with all the matchups over, our LCS 2020 Week 1 predictions for the week leave the teams in the following standings:

  • Cloud9 (2-0)
  • Evil Geniuses (2-0)
  • FlyQuest (2-0)
  • TSM (2-0)
  • Counter Logic Gaming (1-1)
  • 100 Thieves (1-1)
  • Dignitas (0-2)
  • Golden Guardians (0-2)
  • Immortals (0-2)
  • Team Liquid (0-2)

Will our results hold up, or will we see some crazy upsets this weekend? Tune in on January 25 at 2 PM PT as the 2020 LCS Spring Split kicks off for League’s 10th season. It’s going to be a crazy year, and you won’t want to miss any of it. As always, stick with us as we’ll be covering the LCS season every week with more previews, reviews, and analysis, so stay tuned.


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