2020 Split 1 CBLoL Week 7 Matches to Watch

by in League of Legends | Apr, 9th 2020

It’s been almost a month since the CBLoL has suspended for the second time this Split, but we’re finally getting back into the swing of it as the league plans to finish out the Split.

In an official announcement late last week, the league announced it would be returning this Friday, April 10, to finish out the Split, with the Challenger league set to restart the following Monday, April 13. While the league’s schedule will not have changed, everything is now moving to online, and as we’ve seen in other leagues, that can mean a huge shift in who will perform and who will fall flat.

With so much up in the air after a month off, and teams having to play three games each this week, it’s anyone’s guess who will rise to the occasion this weekend. So let’s take a look at the matches to watch for Week 7 of CBLoL.

CBLoL 2020 Week 7 Matches: Friday, April 10

Prodigy Esports vs. PaiN Gaming

Our first match to watch this week, and the first overall game of the week, sees Prodigy Esports take on PaiN Gaming in a fight for sole possession of third place. Both teams are currently sitting at 7-5 and tied for third place in the standings, with PaiN holding the tiebreaker from their last meeting. There’s no fear about falling in the standings with this game, as both teams are two wins up on the next team in the standings, FURIA, so this is all about furthering that lead and jockeying for better placement as the playoffs begin approaching. PaiN currently is on a two-game winning streak for themselves, while PRG comes off a rough week in which they lost to KaBuM! Before taking down INTZ, a rather shaky position for the team that started the Split so strong.

PaiN’s biggest focus continues to be Tinowns and BrTT, both of whom are in the top two in their respective roles in terms of KDA. With a high preference for long games with late-game team fights their carries can shine in, they’ll need to focus on getting these two ahead in the match early on, and that’s gonna come down to their biggest coinflip, SeongHwan. The team has struggled to get the ball rolling when he’s come up short in the early game, and while he has shown progress in being more consistent with his better performances, SeongHwan still has games where he slips up and sets his team back quite a bit. Hopefully for PaiN, he took the month off to improve his performance, otherwise, his team is going to be in for a quick route for themselves.

Prodigy, meanwhile, has found itself playing through whichever of its three lanes matches up best on the day, and in this case it’s going to be top laner FNb putting on the carry pants for the team, at least in the mid game until the team gets into its team fighting form. He leads the league in overall KDA amongst top laners, with the second-highest average assists and second-lowest average deaths a match, and will be a rock from which the team builds itself up through the match. His opponent Yang has been the glaring weak point in the PaiN line-up, and a bit of early focus from the team’s jungler Yampi could give him solid control of the lane and the top side of the map, meaning strong Herald control and a lot of early plate gold for the squad. Expect him to be the focus in the early game while the rest of the squad tries to not give over any leads elsewhere and get scaling, and a major threat in the mid and late game. I expect to see him on one of Aatrox or Sett this game, with his opponent Yang looking towards a late-game scaling champ he can hold with like Gangplank or Ornn.

This match is going to be decided rather early on given how reliant PaiN is on a strong jungle start and early leads, especially around mid. Expect them to try and draft Tinowns an assassin like Leblanc or Zoe he, while BrTT picks a good late-game option like Aphelios or Kalista for himself. PRG, meanwhile, will be looking for a more team fight orientated set-up, so we’ll probably see Aloned on something like Syndra or Orianna to help facilitate his team then, with Garo grabbing something like Varus or Ezreal he can threaten from the backline with.

Can PaiN keep climbing the standings ladder, or will PRG put a stop to their win streak here?

INTZ vs. FURIA Uppercut

Our second match to watch today is INTZ taking on FURIA in a fight to keep out of the relegation zone and begin the climb up the rankings towards a hopeful place in the playoffs. INTZ has been a bit of a mixed bag lately, starting the Split rather weekly until the first break before finally settling on their starting roster, since which they’ve been steadily gaining ground with repeated 1-1 weeks for themselves.

FURIA, meanwhile, has been going through a rather rough patch as of late, and while they had a great 3-1 start to the split that had them in a three-way tie for first after they took down Flamengo in Week 2, they’ve been steadily falling down the rankings week after week, with the team 2-6 since that point. They’re currently on a three-game losing streak, and a loss here could push them down the rankings if they aren’t careful, especially as they’re only one game up from the relegation zone at the moment. A big part of this has been their strange decision to swap out one of the top laners in the league, Fitz, with incoming rookie Tyrin, who’s been getting slammed in almost every match-up he’s played in. They also swapped out star jungler Minerva for another rookie in Sting, and he’s also been struggling to prove himself in the league, especially with his strange affinity for Taliyah.

With such a weak top side on their end, FURIA is going to need to play through the mid lane if they want a chance to win this. Mid laner Anyyy has been rather dominating despite the team’s struggles, with some of the top stats in the league amongst mid laners, and if they can put him on his Zoe or Leblanc he could take over this game with a good couple early kills. Alternative and Damage in the bottom lane, meanwhile, could provide some extra firepower later on if they can hold their own against MicaO and RedBert, though Alt has been struggling quite a bit this Split. Damage will have to set-up some big plays for his lane partner if they want to get ahead, so expect to see him on something like Nautilus or Leona.

INTZ, meanwhile, is going to be reliant on Tay in the top side and MicaO bottom to win this. While most of INTZ’s players are still dwelling in the bottom half of the standings in most roles, they’re still for the most part over their opponents in these two roles and will need some big performances if they’re to make up for jungler Shini’s rather poor play this Split. With a weakened jungle role and a strong enemy mid to play against, expect INTZ to put mid laner Hauz on something safe and scaling, though what exactly that could be I’m not sure. His first three games have seen a different, non-meta champion each time (Tristana, Camille, Sylas), so we could see him on something entirely new this game if he feels he can hold his own. Expect safe and good scaling picks like Ezreal for MicaO and Sett or Ornn top for Tay as the team looks to drag this game out for late game team fights.

Can INTZ keep climbing up the standings, or will FURIA finally snap out of its recent slump?

CBLoL 2020 Week 7 Matches: Saturday, April 11

INTZ vs. Flamengo eSports

Our first and only game to watch on a rather one-sided looking Saturday sees bottom half INTZ take on Flamengo as both teams continue to jockey for standing position in the back half of the Split. Assuming both teams won their Friday match-ups, Flamengo is going to need this win to keep above the PaiN and Prodigy in the top four, with one of the two only a win back from the previous days match-up and looking to put a bit more distance between themselves and the those two. They’ve been struggling all Split to put up solid wins, especially before this last break when they went 3-3 and lost rather embarrassingly to last place RDP. A solid series of wins this weekend could get them out of the mental rut they seem to be in, something they’ll desperately need before taking on PaiN tomorrow.

INTZ, meanwhile, while still statistically a bottom half team, has been making gains in the standings since solidifying the roster, and a win against FURIA could put them in position to jump into the top five and further distance themselves from the relegation zone, as well as put them on a nice streak if they can do the three-streak and take down RDP the following day. Mid laner Hauz has been putting up some solid performances since he joined the squad, with a weird champion pool so far consisting of Camille, Sylas, and Tristana, and could prove an x-factor over Flamengo’s star mid laner Goku, who has found himself in the biggest slump of all on his team as he’s tumbled down the mid-laner rankings in every metric except assists.

Despite the team’s struggles lately, Flamengo still has some of the best players in the league at top, jungle, and ADC, and we can expect the team to put all three on big carries to lead the team to victory. Expect WooFe to take a lane bully like Renekton or Sett to push Tay off the minion waves and establish dominance over the lane, with jungler Ranger swooping in to set-up some kills and push an early turret there. FLA’s ADC Absolut, meanwhile, will continue to play his late-game scaling ADC’s like Varus and Xayah to be a safety net for the team, with support Luci on something like Tahm Kench or Yuumi to keep him safe and topped off in the lane. Goku, meanwhile, has transitioned himself to a more playmaking role in the mid lane to help set his team up in fights, so we should see him on something like Orianna or Syndra this game that can find picks, though his vast champion pool means we could also see him on something like Sylas or Rumble depending on the enemy comp.

INTZ, meanwhile, is going to have their work cut out for them in trying to keep their heads above the water against such strong players on FLA, and will be looking to funnel a lot of their early gold through Hauz to get the ball rolling early. If he can get some early picks on the league’s deaths per game leader, Goku, he could find room to roam around the map and prevent Ranger from getting the side lanes going in combination with Shini. Expect to see him on something like Leblanc or Zoe that he can get ahead and rotate effectively with, while the side lanes play for something safe to prevent themselves from falling behind. A lot of this game is going to ride on Shini keeping track of Ranger for his team, and if he can do so they should be able to prevent some big plays that could blow the game wide open against them.

Can INTZ continue to climb the standings, or will Flamengo put a halt to the surging squad and put themselves closer to league leaders Vivo Keyd?

CBLoL 2020 Week 7 Matches: Sunday, April 12

INTZ vs. Redemption eSports Porto Alegre

A battle near the bottom standings opens up the last day of the week for us, as INTZ takes on Redemption in a fight to climb out of the hole both squads have found themselves in. As we’ve discussed already above, INTZ needs all three wins this week to start contesting for a playoff spot in the standings, while RDP will be looking to get some air above the relegation cutoff line, a position they’ve found themselves in after a seeming collapse following their 2-0 start to the Split. They’ve started finding their form again lately with wins over FURIA and Flamengo in the last two weeks we saw them, but they’ve still got a long way to go to recover from where they’ve ended up, and this could be the beginning of that turn around.

With the arguably weakest bottom side in the league, RDP is going to have to rely on their solo laners to carry this game, and that means putting new coming jungler Sephis on a strong early game gank champion that can transition into a strong front liner in the mid and late game, such as Sejuani or Jarvan, though Elise could be an option here too. Top laner Nyu has done best on lane bullies like Ornn, Renekton, and Rumble in his games so far, so we’re likely to see him on more of that, while mid laner Kraystel will probably serve on a strong playmaking mage like Syndra, Orianna, or his surprisingly strong Ekko that he can set-up and execute targets with for his team. Bottom lane is going to be on their own here, so I’d say something safe like Varus or Ezreal paired with Tahm Kench or Yuumi may be the play to keep them from feeding MicaO.

INTZ, meanwhile, will again be looking to play from Hauz here, considering he is by far their strongest player, though MicaO and bottom lane could be a good place for Shini to focus since that is again RDP’s weakest place, and could give them a path to victory through a snowball there and effective control of the drake pit. Expect this to be a dragged out, bloody, team fight heavy game with a hint of fiesta between these two squads as they fight for a place higher in the standings.

I give this to RDP given how much better they’ve been looking lately, especially with the long break again to practice and INTZ’s focus on their stronger opponents this week, but they’re both down near the bottom of the league for a reason.

Prodigy Esports vs. Vivo Keyd

Round three between the league’s newest teams is set to go in game two of the day as Prodigy Esports looks to take on league leader Vivo Keyd in their last match. Prodigy’s been a bit shaky since their 2-0 week one, with the team going 1-1 every week since then, with the squad’s victories and losses coming from both ends of the league. Vivo, meanwhile, has been tearing it up since they started 0-2 in Week 1, with the team currently sitting atop the league at 10-3 and only having dropped one game in the last five weeks of play. They’re the team to beat for anyone looking to win the Split and get international experience at MSI, and as one of the only teams to have beaten them so far, it may be Prodigy’s time to once again show their fellow newcomer what’s what.

While even match-ups in most roles, this game is going to come down to the junglers and where they focus their attention, and for Prodigy that’s likely to be FNb on the top side of the map. He’s been putting up quite the performance since coming back into the league this Split, and his preference for lane bullies will be incredibly useful in setting behind Vivo’s Robo, who sits amongst the top in the league for most deaths per game, especially on his own in lane. A focus up here by Yampi and some attention to mid to help out Aloned could be the key to a Prodigy victory here, especially if they can get and push an early lead.

Vivo, meanwhile, will surely turn their attention to the middle and bottom side of the map, with NOsFerus likely to see action on another playmaking assassin to put pressure on Aloned and roam bottom with for some quick kills. Klaus and Professor will likely play another safe lane with Klaus on a scaling champion like Ezreal or Varus, and Professor on Braum or Tahm Kench, the latter of which we haven’t seen a lot of priority on this season compared to other leagues. Drake control is going to be the name of the game here as Vivo looks to scale up and get their traditional teamfight playstyle going on, so expect them to make a big play in either of their two strong lanes just as the drakes respawn.

Mid lane and their ability to roam is going to be the key to victory for both teams, so expect a lot of focus and big fights between both junglers and mids to break out there, with some occasional assistance from support roams to back them up and turn the tides. These are both teamfight focused squads, so we could be in for a quiet early game before it explodes in some fights later on, though both squads are quick to push their advantages off of these and will likely steamroll off of a big fight win. Expect this to end quickly later on once either team gets a solid lead.

Can Prodigy repeat their success from the start of the Split, or will Vivo continue their domination of the league?

That’s all our games to watch this week, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week with more coverage and predictions for the CBLoL ahead of Week 8, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to tune into the CBLoL this Friday at 9 AM PST as Prodigy takes on PaiN in our first match of the week to watch. Teams have a lot to prove of themselves after another long break, so be on the lookout to see who took advantage of the time off.


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