2020 Split 1 CBLoL Week 6 Matches to Watch

by in League of Legends | Mar, 14th 2020

Week 5 of the CBLoL has come and gone and with it some big shake-ups in the league standings. Newly promoted Vivo Keyd, who started the Split 0-2, has gone on an insane eight-game run to make it to the top of the standings, taking out former No. 1 and reigning champion Flamengo eSports this past week to secure control of the spot to themselves.

With Flamengo now on a two-game losing streak, can the team return to form, or is this just the start of a larger slide for the famed org? Speaking of losing streaks, we finally saw RDP finally break the insane seven-game loss streak they were on with a win over FURIA Uppercut to close out the week, bringing themselves just that closer to still compete for the playoffs.

So what CBLoL 2020 Week 6 matches should you watch this weekend, and what’s at stake for the teams involved? Let’s dive in and find out.

CBLoL 2020 Week 6 Matches: Saturday, March 14

Flamengo eSports vs. FURIA Uppercut

Our first match to watch this week sees Flamengo eSports take on FURIA Uppercut as both teams try to regain their footing following some rough times since coming back from the break. FURIA is 1-3 since league play restarted at the end of February, with some rather painful losses to three of the league’s four bottom teams, including to last play RDP. Flamengo, meanwhile, has found itself licking its wounds after the team suffered its first 0-2 week of the split, dropping out of first place following a loss to Vivo Keyd and then taking another one to Prodigy Esports, who are snapping at their heels in the standings.

With both teams struggling since the break, a win here could be just what they need to jumpstart the proverbial engine and get them back into competitive form, though in the case of FURIA there is a bit more on the line here. A loss would drop them below PaiN Gaming in the standings and see them sitting one game outside the playoff picture for the time being.

Both teams have different win conditions here, with FLA looking to get their league-topping ADC Absolut ahead with the backing of their star jungler Ranger, while FURIA will look toward their mid-laner Anyyy to carry them to victory. He’s performed exceptionally this split so far, and if he can get a big enough early lead for himself he could keep FURIA in the game long enough for the rest of the team to catch up and come online from any deficits they find themselves in. Expect a lot of focus on the bottom side of the map and drake control given the two lanes prioritized.

KaBuM! e-Sports vs. Prodigy Esports

On the one side of this match-up, we have KaBuM trying to claw their way out of the bottom of the standings from their two-game deficit from the playoff line. On the other, we have Prodigy Esports, the newly promoted team who are fighting to keep their playoff spot and move further up the standings. With so much on the line for these two teams, expectations are high for an exciting and bloody game between these two, though it may not be as close as you think it is.

While KBM has found two wins in recent weeks off improved play by the squad, both game over struggling squads in RDP and FURIA who have found themselves in a rough spot since returning from the break. Taking on a top team like Prodigy could be an entirely different beast than those they’ve faced so far, and if they want to win, they’ll need to play to their strengths. Top laner Parang and Disave have been strong pieces in helping KBM find their few wins this Split, particularly Parang with his monstrous top lane play, even in their defeats. If they can get him rolling early, he should be able to snowball the game until Disave can come online.

It’s going to be along while before does, though, as PRG will be putting all their attention towards the bottom side of the map to get their two big carries, ADC Garo and mid-laner Aloned, a solid lead to take them through the game. Even Parang will have a tough battle ahead of him as he matches up against one of the league’s top top-laners in FNb. With both teams have rather weak junglers, it’s going to be on the laners themselves to get their advantages on their own, so expect a lot of 1v1s and 2v2s in the lanes.

Can KaBuM crawl themselves into the playoff picture, or will Prodigy stomp out their hope as they eye a top seed for the playoffs?

CBLoL 2020 Week 6 Matches: Sunday, March 15

FURIA Uppercut vs. Vivo Keyd

Our first match of the day Sunday sees recently misfortune FURIA takes on the league’s top team in Vivo Keyd. FURIA is entering this match looking to prove they still have what it takes to play with the big dogs in the league, while Vivo will be looking to utilize this match to put a lock on first place for the time being.

I’m not gonna lie, this is going to be an incredibly difficult match-up for FURIA. Their main win condition is playing through Anyyy in the mid lane, as we said earlier, but with such a strong opponent in NOsFerus, he’s going to have such a difficult time doing so. Combined with one of the league’s strongest ADC’s in Klaus to deal with, FURIA is going to have their work cut out for them here. Their major hope is that their ADC Alternative steps up to the plate and helps shoulder some more of the carry load this time around, and if he can get a lead and keep Klaus locked down, FURIA might have a chance here.

For Vivo, all they need to do is keep playing like they have the last four weeks, draft well and not feed, and this should be an easy win for them. The team just looks so good right now, and the debate is starting to become less if they can challenge Flamengo in the playoffs and more if Flamengo can challenge them, so they should be able to walk over FURIA with no problem.

Can FURIA stop the win streak of Vivo, or will the league’s newest promoted team continue their seemingly unstoppable path towards the playoffs?

PaiN Gaming vs. KaBuM! e-Sports

Our last game to watch this week takes us to the bottom of the standings as PaiN Gaming takes on KaBuM! esports in a battle to inch closer to the playoff picture. KBM needs this win to get themselves closer to the cutoff line and away from the relegation zone, while PaiN, likely coming into this with a win over RDP yesterday, will be looking for a win to finally allow them to surpass FURIA and take control of fourth place.

As we discussed earlier, KBM’s main win condition is their top laner Parang and ADC Disave, so their jungler Wiz will surely be looking to find opportunities to visit their lanes to get them some early leads. PaiN, meanwhile, plays mostly through their mid-laner Tinowns and ADC BrTT, so we could see some larger fights break out along the bottom side of the map as both junglers look to get leads for their ADCs and establish control over the drakes.

Most importantly for PaiN, though, is making sure their jungler SeongHwan gets going early on. The team struggles a lot when he falls behind and is unable to get plays going, so he could also be a clear focus for KBM to target in the early game. This match is likely to be a pretty close one given what’s on the line and how flip floppy some of the players are, so expect a lot of team fights and a high kill game from these two.

Can PaiN move on up into the top four, or will KaBuM continue pushing upward on their comeback tour?

That’s all our CBLoL 2020 Week 6 matches to watch this week, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week with more coverage and predictions, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to tune into the CBLoL at 8 AM PST as INTZ takes on Vivo Keyd in our first match of the week to watch. There’s a lot to fight for as the teams push up the standing as we enter the back half of the Split, and you won’t want to miss any of the action.

Also don’t forget to check out our other matches to watch articles for the LCS, which should be live around the same point like this. While the matches have been delayed for the time being due to the coronavirus, you can still catch up on what to watch when play eventually resumes as we head into the last two weeks of the Split!


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