2020 Split 1 CBLoL Week 2 Predictions

By Isaac Chandler

January 31, 2020


CBLoL Spring Split Week 2 Predictions

We’re now entering the second week of competitive play over in the Brazilian CBLoL and we have some CBLoL 2020 Week 2 predictions. We’ve seen some surprising success and struggles from several of the teams. Recently promoted side Prodigy Esports has gotten their campaign off to a great start already with a 2-0 win in Week 1 to start the season, while last year’s semifinalists KABUM E-SPORTS stumbled so far to a 0-2 start.

With a couple of matches between teams at the top and at the bottom, this week we’ll truly see which teams are top tier or heading to relegations this season. So, without further ado, here are our CBLoL 2020 Week 2 predictions and where we think teams will stand by Sunday afternoon.

Redemption Porto Alegre vs Furia Uppercut (February 1 @ 8 AM PT)

Redemption Porto Alegre logo

Our first matchup sees the current top of the leaderboard Redemption Porto Alegre take on Furia Uppercut Esports in the battle of the team with the longest name in the CBLoL. Jokes of name length aside, this matchup will be an interesting one to watch for sure. While FUR did stomp KABUM like Redemption, their only other match went the opposite for them as they got systematically destroyed by Prodigy Epsorts.

With such polar games in their first two matches, it’s hard to say where Furia lies in the power rankings. This match will be a good indicator of where they stand. Redemption, on the other hand, also smashed KABUM to close out their first week of play. Still, their opening game against the currently 0-2 INTZ was a bloody back and forth after the team fell behind in the early game. They got aced inside the INTZ base as they tried to close the match out the first time.

With both teams looking shaky in their play entering the match outside of the KABUM games, it comes down to who can get the ball rolling on early on to set the pace. Jungle pressure is going to be the keys to victory here. In that case, we’ve got to give it to BalKhan of RDP. He’s looked like a monster in the jungler with a 15-5-23 KDA so far this split. His Karthus and Rek’ Sai play were big factors in the team securing wins. Karthus against INTZ turned the tide back in their favor and won key fights.

Can Furia find what it takes to overcome the crushing loss to PRG last Sunday? They’ll put up a good show. However, I don’t see them taking the win here.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: Redemption Porto Alegre

KABUM E-SPORTS vs INTZ (February 1 @ 9 AM PT)

INTZ eSports logo

A battle at the bottom side of the table, KABUM vs INTZ is the gutter fight to see who sits in last place entering the second half of the week. While both teams are currently 0-2, the stories of their games couldn’t be further apart. KABUM got blown out horrendously in both of their matches last weekend. The team failed to pick up more than 12 kills and four turrets in their two matches, the worst objective and kill control of any team in the league. They didn’t even get a single Rift Herald or drake to their names.

INTZ, meanwhile, played an incredibly close and bloody match up against currently undefeated RDP, pushing them in the early game and trading at a slight loss in fights later on.

Their other loss was also a bit stompy. However, they kept the kills low 4-11 and managed to get some objective control. If KABUM wants to win, they need to attack INTZ at their weakest point, the mid lane, where Envy struggled to keep up with both mid laners.

The matchup between Tutsz and him could be the key factor in determining the outcome. The pressure from the strongest looking player on the KBM roster, Wiz, could make the difference between going even and getting a couple of kills.

Expect INTZ to keep their jungler Shini close by to make sure nothing goes afoul around mid. Also, watch out for Mills down on the bottom side. He and his support RedBert are likely going to amp up aggression with all the focus mid. They could be looking for quite a few 2v2s down there to get the ball rolling. Especially, if they manage to get an excellent engage support like Nautilus or Leona to go with Aphelios.

Overall, INTZ is going to take this matchup. KABUM will cement themselves as the worst team in the league given their performance last week. This back and forth happened for a while with the org. It seems another period of struggle is upon them.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: INTZ

Vivo Keyd vs PaiN Gaming (February 1 @ 10 AM PT)

paiN Gaming logo

Our third match of the day sees the last winless team Vivo Keyd take on PaiN Gaming in a one-sided affair. Vivo had a rough first week taking on the two strongest looking teams: Flamengo and Prodigy. PaiN also took on Flamengo but had an easier second day in INTZ to close out the week. PaiN looked solid in the first half of their matchup against Flamengo but struggled as Goku’s Sylas came online. His team found their footing in fight after fight. While Yang and BrTT looked solid in the match, jungler SeongHwan and mid laner Tinowns looked lackluster with Tinowns failing to hit solid ults in the match with his Rumble.

While Vivo put up a worse fight against Flamengo in terms of objective control, the team seemed to find some solid footing with mid laner NosFerus before the Camille pick fell off. However, their support Professor found himself staring at a grey screen longer than usual for a pro with his 0/10/6 scoreline. If they want to find any success in this game, the team needs to give him a good scaling to punish Tinowns with. Having Gragas or Lee Sin for jungler Grel would help.

On PaiN’s side, they” want to look to play through their side lane carries in this one, especially around top lane. VK’s Robo looked weak in last week’s games. He could be an easy target for Yang to snowball another Gangplank pick through. Looking at this game overall, PaiN will end up taking it with their stronger mechanical players in most of the lanes, especially with BrTT in the bottom lane to hold off that weaker side from VK. VK has potential. However, I feel it’ll be weeks before they find their footing in the league.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: PaiN Gaming

Flamengo eSports vs Prodigy Esports (February 1 @11 AM PT)

Prodigy Esports logo

The most hyped match sees reigning CBLoL champions Flamengo eSports take on Prodigy Esports in a clash of the top two titans of the league. Both teams looked dominant last week and share a very similar style of playing around objectives and taking big teamfights.

They each have strong players in every role on their squads, though their styles of individual play and champion selection varies. FLA’s ADC Absolut has a focus on more AS focused marksman in his role, while PRG’s one Garo put’s a heavier emphasis on casters like Miss Fortune and Ezreal in his selection. Both teams find common ground in the picks around the top, jungle, mid and support positions. Though, we’ll likely see a lot of what they choose flex upon what marksman their ADC’s decide to take.

That lane is where most of the jungle attention is split with mid lane as both teams try to get their bottom halves rolling. The top side will be the most exciting place to watch. FLA’s WooFe looked decent on his two Renekton games. But, PRG’s FNb looked like an absolute unit with a 10-2-18 score line total on Renekton and a surprise Kennen pick.

If he can get rolling against WooFe and pick up a few kills, he could be a major X-factor for PRG. WooFe will need to be at his best to contain him and stop any chance of an extra problem to deal with from forming.

While the two teams do seem heavily matched on paper, I’m giving it to the new upstarts PRG. While FLA is a strong team, PRG felt much more coordinated and showed more solid play in the early game than them. If they manage to get an early lead again it could be over quicker than we’d expect for Flamengo.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: Prodigy Esports

Vivo Keyd vs INTZ (February 2 @ 8 AM PT)

INTZ eSports logo

With INTZ likely coming off a win for the day prior and Vivo sitting at 0-3, this will be a quick and straight forward win for INTZ.

The team has a strong early game that Vivo is almost certainly not going to match based on their first two showings. Their experience in the topflight will surely carry them through this match.

The carry lane could be any of three for INTZ. I’m expecting Tay to be the focus in the top lane given Robo’s weak showing in Week 1, which should allow Tay to get snowballing quickly.

Expect a more carry orientated pick in the top lane like Aatrox or Gangplank to help facilitate this snowball. Also, expect strong gank junglers with good CC like Elise or Gragas to help lock Robo down. Other than that, this isn’t looking like a very exciting match right now. I’m not expecting Vivo to find a win until their first game against KABUM in two weeks.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: INTZ

PaiN Gaming vs Redemption Porto Alegre (February 2 @ 9 AM PT)

Redemption Porto Alegre logo

The battle of the ADCs heats up in our second match of the day as BrTT and PaiN Gaming take on Patrick and Redemption Porto Alegre. Both players are in the top three for kills and top four for KDAs in their role. They will likely be a heavy focus for their Korean junglers to get the ball going, especially with how strong ADCs are right now. This means mid and top are likely going to be left to their own devices this match. That could honestly be fatal for PaiN.

Nyu and Krastyel of RDP are some of the top players in the league for their respective roles, while PNG’s Tinowns and Yang currently sit towards the bottom. It’s a skill matchup that puts PaiN at a severe disadvantage right of the bat. If BalKhan switches his focuses to either could quickly prove disastrous for them. There’s too many losing matchups for the team here, sadly. Redemption is going to take this win.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: Redemption Porto Alegre

Furia Uppercut vs Flamengo eSports (February 2 @ 10 AM PT)

Flamengo eSports

This match could potentially be close again on the bottom side. Furia comes into this game at a disadvantage to Flamengo elsewhere on the map. While Furia’s carries looked great in their win Week 1, they also performed dreadfully in their loss, in particular, top lane Fitz who looked okay even when they won.

That’s not to say WooFe performed much better in his wins. But, it feels like all Furia’s members are weaker versions of Flamengo’s. While they did have solid objective control in their losses, they don’t seem like a team forced into fights. That’s something Flamengo is going to hammer into them relentlessly.

If they can slow the pace down and stop FLA from setting up big fights around objectives, they may get a win. Still, given how strong FLA looks and how angry they’re going to be after a possible loss to PRG, Furia’s going to find itself in a world of hurt for this match.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: Flamengo eSports

Prodigy Esports vs KABUM E-SPORTS (February 2 @ 11 AM PT)

Prodigy Esports logo

There isn’t much to say with this game. Prodigy outclasses KABUM in every way. KBM failed to impress in either of their first week games. They looked completely lacking outside of their top side. Given that it is PRG’s strongest point, that’s not going to be a place to get anything rolling in.

Both of KBM’s ADCs last week failed even to register a kill. Given PRG’s Garo only registered two deaths total between both of their games. I’m not seeing a way for KBM to win this match unless one of PRG’s players comes in hungover or something. While miracles can happen, there’s a reason we call them that and not commonplace.

CBLoL 2020 Week 2 Predictions – Winner: Prodigy Esports

2020 Split 1 CBLoL Week 2 Predictions Wrap-Up

So, with all the matchups over, our predictions for the week leave the teams in the following standings:

  • Prodigy Esports (4-0)
  • Redemption Porto Alegre (4-0)
  • Flamengo eSports (3-1)
  • PaiN Gaming (2-2)
  • INTZ (2-2)
  • Furia Uppercut Esports (1-3)
  • Vivo Keyd (0-4)
  • KABUM E-SPORTS (0-4)

Will our results hold up or will we see some crazy upsets? Tune in this Saturday at 8 AM PT for all the exciting action as we kick off the second week of the 2020 CBLoL Split 1. Thanks for reading and check back in with us next week for more exciting CBLoL coverage.

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