10 SSBU DLC Fighters We Need

by in Fighting Games | Jun, 11th 2019

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first launched, Nintendo made it abundantly clear that that wasn’t all of the fighters. Despite having a ton of fighters, literally everyone from across the series plus a few new faces, it was clear that Nintendo wasn’t done.

In fact, Nintendo quickly let fans know that a season pass was coming that would include five new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters, the first of which was announced at launch and has already been released. Joker from Persona 5 is available right now in the game as the first DLC fighter.

Of course, there are still four more fighters that we don’t know about at all, and thankfully we’ll be hearing about the next character very soon. As such, I thought it’d be right to make a list of 10 fighters that I not only want to be in the game but absolutely need to be in the game.

10 SSBU DLC Fighters We Need

Oddly enough, for the first time for a list like this, I am not going to focus on counting down who I think is the best but just give you the 10 characters I think need to be in the game. As such, this list is in a random order, though I will certainly note my personal favorites as I go along.

Also, I do really think that Nintendo will expand its fighter pass and add a second one or at least more DLC after the fifth fighter is released. I don’t see any reason why Nintendo wouldn’t want to keep adding to what is supposed to be the “ultimate” game in the series.

Though it would be super awesome to see the roster grow to 100 fighters in total, I’m fine if only 10 new fighters are added post-launch. I am basing these fighters on a number of factors: viability as a fighter, franchise representation, nostalgia, and popularity in the community.

Here are the 10 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters I think that we need in the game. Sorry, Waluigi fans, but I’m not including him in this list.

Bonus: Zack Fair

Zack Fair SSBU DLC

Now, before we get into the real fighters on this list, I wanted to include Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII as a bonus character on this list. Why is he a bonus character? Well, because I think he would be one of the best options for an Echo Fighter.

For those of you who don’t know, an Echo Fighter is a fighter who mirrors an existing fighter in movesets with some minor deviations but not enough to really be their own individual fighter. Zack Fair would work perfectly as an Echo for Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

If you know the story of Final Fantasy VII, you will know that these two characters are intertwined and have a lot of similarities in fighting style. As such, it makes perfect sense to add Zack as Cloud’s Echo Fighter. In addition, now that Cloud’s game is on Switch, this is a great way to boost sales and possibly hint at a Crisis Core remaster someday. I’m really wanting that to happen eventually.

Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve SSBU DLC

Now, for the real fighters that I think need to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters. What’s interesting about the five fighters that are going to be DLC is that Nintendo itself is picking this and the director of the game.

Given that this is the case, it is likely that we will get some interesting crossovers, especially if Joker is any indication. What has been happening recently is that Microsoft and Nintendo have been working together more and more.

So far, there hasn’t been a Western video game character ever released in a Smash game to date. There’s no better way to break this trend than to have someone represent Microsoft and Nintendo’s burgeoning partnership. A perfect way to do this is with Minecraft’s most popular character, Steve.

Minecraft, if you didn’t know, is owned by Microsoft, and the company allows the game on Switch with full cross-play enabled. Given how popular Minecraft is and how unique Steve’s moveset would be, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Here’s hoping that this ends up happening.



Another trend that hasn’t been broken ever before is the trend of only containing characters that originated from a video game first. Though there are characters like Joker who appear in anime and other media outside of games, they were in games first and foremost.

By far, my most requested character is Goku, someone who would break that trend. Goku hails from the Dragon Ball manga and anime and not from video games. Despite this, though, Goku has become synonymous with video games anyway.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, for example, is a popular fighting game available on Switch that features Goku. What makes this more interesting is that Bandai Namco created that game and does just about every game that features Goku these days. If you didn’t know, Bandai helped develop Smash Ultimate, so this seems like a perfect and natural fit.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Barioth Female SSBU DLC

Now it’s time for a more traditional and more likely DLC fighter. It would be awesome to see a general Monster Hunter from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series show up as a DLC fighter. The monster hunting series has been a staple on 3DS and now Switch in recent years, so this crossover makes sense.

Considering that the series is only growing more and more, I do expect another game on the Switch in the next year or two. One way to hype another game is to have a character show up to represent the franchise in Smash. The best way to do this is to choose a general armor set that players will easily recognize.

One thing that would make Monster Hunter stand out from other fighters is the fact that you have dozens of different weapon types in the games. It would be really unique and cool if you could equip a specific weapon type before the match or simply switch between several ones during battle.

This would be a great way to give the fighter a versatile feel with using something like a hammer for heavy attacks but then switching to a bowgun for ranged attacks. It would keep opponents on their toes and provide some awesome depth. This is by far one of the most likely on this list.


Doomguy SSBU DLC

If Steve is able to make it to the game, there’s no reason why another Western video game character can’t do it, too. As such, the most likely candidate in this scenario and one that would be amazing is Doomguy or Doom Slayer as he’s known now from the Doom series.

Bethesda has been one of the best publishers at supporting the Switch in the last couple of years, so it makes sense for Nintendo to reach out for the opportunity to make an appearance in the biggest crossover in video game history.

Doomguy would be an interesting addition to the roster since he is primarily a ranged fighter but also likes to deal things up close, too. We could see him use different iconic weapons like the BFG and shotgun to decimate his opponents. And up close, he could have a melee attack to knock enemies away from him.

Alternatively, it would make sense for the Dragonborn from Skyrim to appear instead as a DLC fighter. Either option would work perfectly, and I do think that Bethesda needs to have someone representing it in the game regardless.



The Devil May Cry series is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch — well, at least somewhat. What better way to hype up the series’ first foray on Switch than to have its main character be a DLC fighter, too? This would only help Capcom and Nintendo out.

Dante is one of the main characters in the series, and he makes the most sense as one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters. Dante is a demon slayer who goes after monsters and the like from the underworld to kill.

His moveset could be a solid one as well, with a good mix of melee moves for the most part and then some ranged attacks that use his guns. Dante makes a lot of sense as a fighter, so I think it’s only a matter of time until an announcement is made.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot SSBU DLC

The final Western character on this list is Crash Bandicoot. For the longest time, Crash was perceived as a Sony character, though many of his games did eventually come to other consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

That’s because the original trilogy was a PlayStation One exclusive for a good bit of time. An amazing thing that Nintendo could do, though, is perfect its roster of crossovers from rival companies. Sonic from SEGA is already in the game, which was once a rival for Nintendo, so this would be awesome to see happen.

Crash Bandicoot would also have an interesting moveset as his primary attack is, like Mario, all about running, spinning, and jumping. This would lead to a melee-focused moveset that still sets itself apart from other platforming icons like Sonic and Mario.

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney SSBU DLC

To me, the titular Phoenix Wright from Capcom’s visual novel attorney series is a perfect fit as one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters. Interestingly enough, this wouldn’t be the first time Phoenix Wright would be in a fighting game, so there is already some precedence there.

All Bandai Namco and Nintendo would have to do is bring over the moveset from his previous fighting game appearance and tweak it some to work within Smash Ultimate gameplay. I honestly think it would be absolutely hilarious to see this fictional video game attorney shout “Objection!” during moves or his Final Smash.

Phoenix Wright is a bizarre character because, unlike the majority of the characters on this list, he doesn’t really engage in active things like fighting and battling. His battles take place in the courtroom, but his appearance would be so bizarre that it would make a hilarious addition.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone who isn’t a fighting person would appear in Smash, either, since we have relatively calm and passive fighters like Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt.

Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy SSBU DLC

Ah, yet another Capcom entry on this list. When you look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it is a celebration of video games everywhere. You have crossovers from Nintendo, SEGA, Atlus, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and so many more video game companies.

So many of the major Japanese video game franchises are represented, too, but one that is noticeably missing is someone from the Resident Evil series. With a resurgence in recent years and quite a few entries already available on Switch, it makes sense for someone to represent the series in Smash.

It isn’t too far-fetched to say that Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 and, more relevant to Switch owners, Resident Evil 4, would make the most sense as the one to represent the franchise. Like a few others on this list, Leon would provide a unique ranged-focused gameplay experience. It’s only a shock that we’ve gone this long without someone from this series as a fighter. It really needs to happen.



Unlike every other entry on this list, Kingdom Hearts is the only series that isn’t on Nintendo Switch in some way, and there are currently no plans for it at this time. However, I do believe it’s only a matter of time until the series does come to Switch, and one way to tease this is by having a character appear as one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters.

Of course, no better fit exists than the main character, Sora. While it would be awesome to have his best friend Riku as an Echo Fighter, too, I’m fine with settling just for Sora himself. Sora would have some cool gameplay since he is able to utilize magic and his unique Keyblade weapon.

I can see Sora being a pretty versatile and well-rounded fighter that would fit in nicely within the roster. It would be even more epic if his Final Smash allowed him to summon one of several Disney characters like Simba to fight alongside him or do a special move, but I’m not too picky, so I understand if that’s not possible.

This situation wouldn’t be unheard of, either, since Square Enix has done this type of thing with Nintendo before for Smash. In the last game, we got Cloud as a DLC character before his game ever came to a Nintendo platform, and Sora has appeared on Nintendo platforms in the past, so this feels like a likely scenario.

Velvet Crowe

Velvet Crowe SSBU DLC

Like I mentioned, Bandai Namco is one of the co-developers behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so it makes sense that Nintendo will want to honor that partnership with some more characters from Bandai. In my opinion, it would be great to see someone come from the Tales series that Bandai is well-known for.

It’s a great JRPG series that seems to be gaining popularity as each new game releases. There is a Tales game on Switch, Tales of Vesperia, so I don’t see why someone can’t represent the series as one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters.

To be honest, it could really be anyone like Lloyd or Yuri, but my personal hope is for Velvet Crowe from the most recent game Tales of Berseria. Not only was that one of the best-selling games in the series, but I honestly think it’s the best game in the whole series.

Not only that, but it’s so good that it’s easily one of the best games ever made. As such, its main character Velvet would make a great addition to the roster. Velvet is interesting in that she uses her demon fists to pound enemies to the dust.

She is fast and brutal and would offer a moveset that would, hopefully, emphasize those things. Velvet is a strong protagonist who would stand nicely alongside other strong female characters like Samus and Bayonetta.


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