The 10 Best FIFA 20 Young Players for Career Mode

By Pavo Jurkic

October 28, 2019



FIFA players come in two types – singleplayer and multiplayer enthusiasts. Singleplayer enthusiasts are fanboys of the game’s two main singleplayer modes, Career Manager and Player Manager. Multiplayer enthusiasts, on the other hand, play everything from Pro Clubs, Seasons, and the ever-so-popular FIFA Ultimate Team.

And obviously, each group thinks the other one stinks.

Since FIFA is a competitive esports title, most of our FIFA-based blogs are focusing on multiplayer aspects of the game. However, this one takes things differently. Instead of focusing on the best FIFA 20 Ultimate Team players, this blog will focus on the best young FIFA 20 players that you can use in your manager career mode playthroughs.

It’s the same old top ten list, but instead of FUT cards, I’ll guide you through some of the best CM investments. Whether you like to start with top-notch teams or sides from second or third divisions, our young FIFA 20 players list ought to help you out.

But, before diving into the actual list, let’s take a moment and go through the most notable FIFA 20 career mode changes that could affect the way you play your next career mode!

Dynamic Player Growth

The first thing we need to discuss here is the brand-new dynamic player growth system, a new addition that EA heavily marketed ahead of FIFA 20’s release. As its name suggests, players’ growth rates are not fixed anymore. Yes, there are still caps, but they’re dynamic, meaning they can go higher or lower depending on several factors.

The essential factors are players’ performances on the pitch, the number of score goals, match ratings, assists, correct passes, and so forth. There are other factors at play, too, but we’ll talk more about them down below.

Long story short, dynamic player growth means you can use random young players and develop them (with plenty of minutes, and great performances) into world-class superstars. Not only does dynamic player growth work with honing young players’ skills, but it also works with older players. Instead of further upping their skills, dynamic growth will lessen the effects of aging on older players, meaning the attribute decline will slow down.

Other Notable Career Mode Improvements

In addition to dynamic player growth, there are a few additional improvements/additions to go alongside it and perhaps support the core functions of the new growth system. We already talked about the brand-new morale system, but haven’t mentioned it won’t just be affected by the players’ on-pitch performances but by player-specific conversations and press conferences.

And it won’t be the same old dull press conferences and players continually pulling your sleeve asking to be included in key matches. Nope, that complete system has been revamped, and it seems as though it’s just enough to bring a dash of fresh air in the seemingly dull game mechanics.

Additionally, your manager avatars are now fully customizable, and you can even choose female managers. Yep, we had to wait till FIFA 2020 to get this feature.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Packed with Bugs

Yep, FIFA 20 career mode is a buggy mess! Believe it or not, things aren’t always as EA promises they’ll be. Things are rarely as EA pledges they’ll be. It’s just how they do business, is all.

As far as FIFA 20 career mode goes, they did promise a ton of new features that ought to drastically improve players’ experience and increase the level of immersion. However, the released game brought forth a ton of bugs, most of which came straight from the manager career mode.

Dynamic player growth issues seem to be the most common bugs FIFA 20 players have reported, but there are other gameplay issues and immersion-breakers to go alongside them. On the bright side, EA finally fixed most of career mode issues in the latest patch, meaning you won’t have to go through that bugged mess.

Best Young FIFA 20 Players to Buy in Career Mode

Now let’s talk business! My best young FIFA 20 players list is packed with hot talents, some of which you must’ve heard about already. The list is divided into two parts, first covering pricier examples and the second one covering “tier B” high-growth players that can be used in smaller, lower-league teams.

As stated above, you can choose any young player out there and make him become a superstar. However, that method of grooming young talents isn’t the most optimal one since you need to keep them as happy as they can be and play them in every single match. Not to mention, they have to score tons of goals and sport generally high ratings throughout the first few seasons.

My list of the best young FIFA 20 players, on the other hand, features high-growth talents that will make your grooming task a lot easier. Yes, you’ll still have to keep them happy, but their default soft cap will allow a bit of breathing space as far as in-game ratings and performances are concerned.

With that said, let’s stop beating around the bushes and jump into the best young FIFA 20 players list!

Vinicius Junior – 79 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Vinicius Junior – 79 OVR

Vinicius Junior is Real Madrid’s promising left-winger and well worthy of being placed on this list of the best young FIFA 20 players. He’s just 18 but is already being labeled as the next Robinho. Be that as it is, this young Brazilian has excellent pace (92 acceleration and 94 sprint speed), with excellent dribbling, precisely what a proper winger needs. His shooting and passing skills aren’t exactly on point, but you can work on them through corresponding attribute training.

He’s valued at roughly $25M with cca $80K weekly wage, but you’ll have to beat those numbers if you want to sign him right off the bat. Even if you end up paying double the amount, you’ll still get a player with 92 soft cap. Yep, that’s right, Vinicius Junior’s soft cap is rated at 92, meaning that’s about the OVR he’ll have in his prime years. This guy is an excellent investment and will pay off no matter what you end up doing with him. He’s one of FIFA’s ambassadors for a reason.

Sandro Tonali – 75 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Sandro Tonali – 75 OVR

If you’re looking for a future-proof all-around midfielder with excellent stats all across the board, then the young Italian by the name of Sandro Tonali should be your top priority. He’s currently playing at Brescia, a lowly Serie A team, but knowing his potential, a move to a stronger side is imminent.

This 18-year-old 75 OVR Italian is valued at roughly $14M, which is nothing when you take his 89-growth potential into account. Plus, his weekly wage is less than $6K, meaning he’s a must-buy even if you’re starting with a lower-league team.

Rodrygo – 76 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Rodrygo – 76 OVR

Here we have yet another left-winger from Real Madrid. Rodrygo is similar to Vinicius Junior in many ways. Not only are they both playing at the same exact position in the same exact club but they’re also the same nationality and almost the same age (17 and 18 years). Their growth potentials are neck and neck too. Vinicius Junior is capped at 92 while Rodrygo is at 89. People are already dubbing Rodrygo as the next Vinicius Junior.

If you want to acquire this Brazilian prodigy, you’ll have to dash out above $15M, as that’s roughly his starting value. Be fast though, he’ll grow like crazy, and that number could easily double by the winter transfer window.

Lucas Paqueta – 79 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Lucas Paqueta – 79 OVR

Here we have yet another Brazilian on our list of the best young FIFA 20 players. Yep, there’s a ton of promising Brazilians swarming European youth academies. Lucas Paqueta is currently playing for AC Milan and sports decent 79 overall rating at the start of the game. He can play either as a conventional central midfielder or right behind two strikers as a false number 9. Either way, he should reach 88 overall within three or four seasons, depending on his on-pitch performances and your ability to manage his morale.

His market value is around the $22M mark, but you’ll have to go above $30M if you want to secure a fast deal. It’s worth it though; if not for the extra money in a few seasons then definitely for his 4-star skill moves and excellent all-around stats. Keep in mind that he’s not the paciest player out there, but considering all of his supporting abilities, he’s still able to shield the ball and create attacking opportunities.

Phil Foden – 76 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Phil Foden – 76 OVR

2019/2020 could be Phil Foden’s breakthrough season at Manchester City, yet he’s just 18! He’s already gathered a ton of first-team experience, and that’s bound to shape him up. As far as his in-game attributes go, there’s much room for improvement. Luckily, Phil is a rewarding player thanks to 90 soft cap and 76 OVR at the start of your managerial campaign.

His wages are pretty high (almost $50K per week), but his default market value is at around $18M, which isn’t too bad considering his 90-growth potential. If you’re a Manchester City fan and you’d like their promising young star in your team, you better act fast because he’s either going to get snatched away by other teams or become way too expensive.

Next up, let’s check out the best young FIFA 20 players that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few up-and-coming teenagers with great potential. If you hone their skills appropriately, they’ll grow up to be world-class superstars that you’ll either cash in on or use them to conquer elite club competitions. Keep in mind, though; you’ll have to give them a ton of time to develop. We’re talking at least two or three seasons for them to gain “usable” stats.

Ki-Jana Hoever – 62 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Ki-Jana Hoever – 62 OVR

You can acquire this young Dutch right-back for less than a million. He is soft-capped at 85 and is an outright teenager at the start of the game (16). However, he’ll develop into a behemoth pretty fast, especially if you give him plenty of playtime. Ki-Jana Hoever is not only a prolific right back but a solid central defender too, meaning you can fit him pretty much anywhere in the back four.

Enzo Millot – 63 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Enzo Millot – 63 OVR

63 OVR French central midfielder, Enzo Millot, can be purchased for slightly over $1M. However, this left-footed Frenchman can fit into any midfield bunch and become a valuable first-team player after he acquires the much-needed on-pitch experience. Enzo Millot is capped at 86 overall, but with a proper manager (that’d be you), he can quickly grow way past that number.

Mason Greenwood – 67 OVR

Mason Greenwood – 67 OVR

Mason Greenwood is already being dubbed as the next Rooney. While I don’t believe that’ll happen, I still think he’s one of the best young FIFA 20 players you can get your hands on. How come? Well, the game starts with Greenwood at 67 OVR, but his potential is capped at 87. Not bad for an English striker, right?

Greenwood is valued at slightly below $2M, but you’ll still have to pay a lot more to acquire him. If you wait too much, he’ll develop into a behemoth that’s way out of your price range, so I’m afraid you’ll have to act fast to sign him during the first transfer window.

James Sands – 66 OVR

FIFA 20 Player James Sands – 66 OVR

James Sands is next entry on our list of the best young FIFA 20 players for your career mode playthroughs. This 18-year-old American is currently playing for New York City in the MLS, and is proving to be one of USA’s hottest prospects… alongside Christian Pulisic, of course. We’re talking about a defensive-minded player here, with 66 OVR at the start and whopping 20-OVR growth by his prime years. He’s cheap too – you’ll be able to get him for roughly $2M, and his weekly wage is ridiculously low.

Ellis Simms – 64 OVR

FIFA 20 Player Ellis Simms – 64 OVR

This 64-rated 17-year-old striker will set you back for as little as $1M but has the potential to turn into a world-class player. 84 is his soft cap, but his capable of going well-beyond that if he starts snowballing early on. His best asset is his pace, (76 acc and 78 spd), which is bound to increase by at least 15ish by his prime years. Ellis poses as an excellent first-team player if you’re managing a League 1 or League 2 English side. If not, you’ll be better off with one of the above-listed players.

Is Investing in Young Career Mode Players a Good Idea?

In the shortest possible terms – yes, it is!

Buying young players and developing them through trainings and matchday displays is good for several reasons and will surely help you become a better manager. Let’s look at the two main factors that make investing in young FIFA 20 players a no-brainer:

Selling for Profit

Prices of young players (below 19) are ridiculously low, except perhaps for the chosen few who are already being labeled as future superstars. However, within two or three seasons, if you play your cards right, their transfer values can go as high as 20x. Yep, you read that correctly. If you bought a promising 18-year-old striker for, let’s say, $2,000,000, within a few seasons he could be worth over $40,000,000. That’s $38,000,000 clean profit.

Let’s scale that up a bit – instead of buying just one promising 18-year-old, you buy five of them. Within two to three seasons, you’ll be able to afford Mbappe. It’s simple math. Don’t believe me? Boot up your FIFA 20 career mode and test it out for yourself.

Grooming young talents might be a bit trickier than before, but there are lots of rewarding options that will make it well worth the hassle.

Using Them in Your Starting Eleven

If you can’t say goodbye to your favorite younglings, you can always keep them in your squad. The more extended their stay at your club is, the better they’ll perform, and the higher their stats will rise. After all, why should you se11 an 80-rated 20-year-old for $20,000,000 when you can use him for a few seasons and then sell him for $80,000,000 when he goes above 86 OVR?

Of course, this all depends on the quality of your team. If you’re managing a top-class team, perhaps the board won’t be happy if you prefer younger players (read lower attributes) over first-team veterans. If, however, you’re playing with a smaller club whose starting eleven is as good as your youth academy, giving your youth prospects more minutes will pay off in the long run.

Quick Tip for Developing Young FIFA 20 Players in Career Mode

If you’re too lazy to develop your young prospects’ attributes through training manually and if your starting eleven is too strong to give them enough playtime constantly, you can always loan them out and hope for the best.

Perhaps the season loan will be a breakthrough for certain players. Even if it’s a much lower league than your current one, plenty of goals and in-form displays are enough to make exciting prospects out of even the dullest of players.

Wrapping Things Up

Buying young FIFA 20 players is not only a great way of ensuring the financial stability of your club for the foreseeable future but is also an excellent method of boosting your squad. Yes, grooming young players will take some time, but good results are almost guaranteed.

With that in mind, I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they will indeed help you get the most out of your manager career mode gameplay.

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