10 Best Apex Legends Streamers

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 5th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has created one of the best battle royale and online multiplayer games in the world with Apex Legends. This title has a lot going for it in its second year with tons of new seasons and content for players to enjoy. Also, the best Apex Legends streamers just keep getting better.

Apex Legends Is Bigger and Better Than Ever This Year

The same can be said for Apex Legends itself, which is bigger and better than ever before in 2020. The game has grown into having its set niche and metagame in the growing and competitive battle royale genre, without losing what made it skyrocket in popularity when it first released.

With new competitors like Call of Duty: Warzone here now, Respawn has ensured that Apex Legends players have a reason to keep playing this game rather than jumping ship to one of its rivals. In the year thus far, at the time of writing this, we have two new seasons that we have gone through.

One season kicked the year off right with the introduction of the unique and controversial Revenant who is both liked and disliked in the community, while we got the return of the original Kings Canyon map. Also, we got the start of Season 5 as well, where things got even better.

Loba is the latest hero to be introduced when we published this and she is quite different from anyone else we have seen in the game. This has led to some important and necessary shifts in the metagame that have made the battle royale title even more exciting to watch live.

10 Best Apex Legends Streamers List: Criteria

As such, we are going to go over 10 of the best Apex Legends streamers that you should know about. These 10 personalities are streaming the game relatively regularly and you should be watching them if you are looking for someone new to check out in this game.

When picking these 10 best Apex Legends streamers, I made sure to go through and pick some of the most popular around while also bringing attention to one or two that you might not have ever heard of before. That’s because the criteria that I used includes many different factors.

How I came up with this list is based first and foremost on the quality of the streams that the person has. Are they entertaining to watch? Do they seem to know what they are doing? Do they engage with their viewers and be an overall conversational person?

This is in addition to other things like how popular they are, how good they are at Apex Legends, if they are a pro player, how much they know the game well, how responsive they are to their community, and how generally positive they are compared to those who are rather negative.

After going through all of this, I have come up with the 10 best Apex Legends streamers that I think you should watch this year. Let’s get started.

Best Apex Legends Streamers: Shroud

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning possibly the biggest Apex Legends streamer around: Shroud. Shroud is not only one of the biggest content creators in the world, but he is almost exclusively dedicated to streaming Apex Legends at this point.

Whereas Ninja can be seen as the face of Fortnite, Shroud is the same for Apex Legends. He has a massive following and for good reason, too. The former pro player is an excellent player in battle royale and has some rather fun streams to watch.

If you are looking for someone that is proven in the community to watch their Apex Legends broadcasts, look no further than Shroud himself. He is not only great at the game but he knows what he is doing and, chances are, he is likely streaming live when you hop onto Twitch.


Speaking of pro players, the next entry on this list is part of the unbelievably popular and amazing pro esports organization Team SoloMid. TSM is one of the best around in the entire world and TSM_ImperialHal is one of them. ImperialHal is someone that you will find representing the group in Apex Legends.

A frequent streamer of the battle royale game, there is a unique play style to ImperialHal that you won’t find anywhere else, even in other pro players. He can strategize in such a unique way that allows him to gain the upper hand over his opponents time and time again.

Also, he is one of the few people on this list who isn’t always tied to a single character. If you are tired of all of the streamers just playing the same person over and over, and want to learn something new, your best bet is to check out TSM_ImperialHal as he is a solid option.


Unfortunately, the biggest thing that our next best Apex Legends streamer, Alinity, is known for is quite controversial in the Twitch community: a ban. Don’t worry, we are not going to go into the details of that ban and what exactly happened here but, rest assured, it’s nothing dangerous or purposeful from what we can tell.

What you will find with Alinity if you can get past the deluge of posts about her ban on Twitch is that she is a kind person who certainly doesn’t have the ill intentions of some other streamers out there who certainly mean to do things on purpose.

Instead, you will find one of the kindest and most engaging streamers in Alinity. She has fun playing Apex Legends and she includes her community in the battles. Also, she is quite funny and has a great personality, making her someone you should watch if you want a streamer who is more than just a stoic pro player.


Sorry for this one, but here is another member of the iconic TSM organization: Diegosaurs. One of the most popular and interesting Apex Legends streamers out there, he can stand toe to toe with fellow TSM member ImperialHal while also having his unique flair.

Diegosaurs has a fun personality that keeps things rather interesting, compared to other pro players out there. What you will find is that many competitive players have the same general way of acting on stream and this can be, understandably, boring but such is not the case with Diegosaurs.

But his personality is not just his only crowning point, as he is good at Apex Legends as well. You won’t just find a player who is entertaining in Diegosaurs but someone who knows what he is doing with the various legends as well when you watch him.

iTemp Plays

Majority of the streamers that I have gone over thus far on this list have been PC players, as that is understandable. After all, many in the community won’t even argue that keyboard and mouse is superior over controller as that is just what many regard as straight facts.

That said, there are a few streamers who don’t use PC as their main platform; enter iTemp Plays. A regular PS4 user, he is one of the best around that you will find when it comes to playing Apex Legends with a controller. He is so good that you will easily forget that he isn’t on PC.

But being a really console player at this time game is pretty one-note for a streamer and, thankfully, that isn’t even the best part of him. ITemp Plays is also one of the funniest and most genuine streamers around, having a fantastic attitude that will keep you entertained and engaged all while never taking away from his rock solid focus and strategy.


When it comes to pro players that are on the rise and someone that you should not miss out on, Skadoodle is the go-to streamer. More than likely, you already know Shroud on this list, so if you do and want someone similar but new to you, Skadoodle might be a great pick.

Interestingly, Skadoodle and Shroud have played together before and they make an amazing team, placing well in the previous tournament that they did during a Twitch Rivals event. This is because Skadoodle is as hardcore and competitive as they come with the skill to back it up.

Skadoodle is an extremely aggressive and attacker-focused streamer who will regularly take out whole chunks of the entire player count in a match, getting dozens of kills, if not more than 20 in a single match. Considering there are usually only 60 players in each round, this is insane and well worth checking out.


When it comes to lesser known Apex Legends streamers that deserve much more popularity, one of the top ones that comes to mind is Ninjayla. Yes, that name is rather similar to a certain Fortnite personality, but Ninjayla is exactly that: a ninja when it comes to battle royale.

She is an excellent player who likes to have fun and engage with her community. She is not so high and mighty that she is against playing the game itself with her followers, which is so awesome. Not to mention, she has a great personality that is coupled with her solid skills.

And then there is the fact that she is here to make streaming an entertaining experience beyond just playing the game and chatting, going so far as to do awesome things like wearing excellent Lifeline cosplay in real life while chilling in the game.


Daltoosh is another regular console player when it comes to Apex Legends, which is still in the minority on this list. Where he differs from others like iTemp Plays, is that he has such a varied play style that is quite unpredictable and very fun to watch.

Enemies who meet Daltoosh on the battlefield are more than likely not going to make it out alive, due to his flexible nature, which sucks for them but is awesome for the fans who are watching him play. As such, you really can’t go wrong with this impressive player.

He is also regularly streaming with other greats in the community, so you will see how his unique style will mesh with others who are a bit more traditional in their ways. He is an exciting streamer who knows what he is doing and easily destroys the competition without much effort.


When it comes to competitive players, few are as hardcore as LuluLuvely. While many of the streamers on this list are just fun to watch or super serious in their competition, LuluLuvely is loud, engaging, and aggressive when it comes to her battle royale matches.

You will likely see her get loud and crazy when stuff is happening in the match, which is entertaining for those of us watching compared to other players who might just be quiet and still during that time. But her loud nature isn’t just for show, as she knows what she is doing.

She is one of the best players that we know in Apex Legends and her aggressive play style isn’t just for show. There’s a reason that she is a beast with sniper rifles and her popularity shows it.


Last but not least, we have MaTaFe. This is one streamer that you will find online a lot of the time in Twitch and is one of the most talented battle royale players around. In fact, at the time of writing this blog about the best Apex Legends streamers, he is currently competing in a tournament.

The Apex Legends Global Series is going on right now and he is making a big splash in an attempt at fame and fortune in the officially hosted esports tournament series. Unlike some of the other streamers on this list, he takes his competition beyond just the ranked matches and into the tournament sector.

He is fun to watch for his skill and, more importantly, for the dedication that he has to the game and being the very best around. You certainly can’t go wrong with watching this pro player as he tries to rise to the top, literally, through the Apex Legends Global Series and beyond.


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