Overwatch League Unveils Exciting New 2021 Format
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Apex Legends Caustic Abilities Remaining After Death Is a Bug, Devs Working on It
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New LoL Rammus Rework Coming to Wild Rift & PC
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The Latest Esports News & Updates in 2021

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Esports News

Overwatch League Unveils Exciting New 2021 Format
After a fairly long drought, we finally have news regarding the 2021 Overwatch League format!
Apex Legends Caustic Abilities Remaining After Death Is a Bug, Devs Working…
Sometimes you have games like Apex Legends…
New LoL Rammus Rework Coming to Wild Rift & PC
Riot Games’ “Quick Gameplay Thoughts” blog often…
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2021 LCS Spring Split Players to Watch
The 2021 LCS Spring Split is right around the corner, so let’s focus on a
Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 Challenges: Where to Collect Books
Fortnite Season 5 is the latest season…
Biggest 2021 LCS Spring Split Narratives
The 2021 LCS Spring Split is right…
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Pro Player Mistaken for Trump Receives Massive Following
A former @Hearthstone pro and now Twitch streamer in TrumpSC received a big leap in following…

League of Legends Sent Us a Mystery Crate for LCS

The NA LCS for @League of Legends partnered…

How OfflineTV Used Rust to Dominate Twitch

First they boosted Among Us into the limelight,…
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