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Below you’ll find the center of the esports universe. It’s a place for you to talk games, strategy, betting, and anything else esports related that you want to. Share your opinions, information, and thoughts with the rest of the esports community and the world. Connect with new friends and gamers from all corners of the globe. Never be left out of the discussion.


If you’re in the esports world, then it’s a given that your constant quest is to get better at your favorite game or games. Everyone dreams of being the best and competing on the big stage. For those of you looking to improve, we have included game specific strategy guides to help walk you through everything you need to know. These guides are constantly evolving as we collect more expert information so check back frequently for new tips, tricks, and strategies. One of the most exciting things about esports is that anyone can become one of the best with enough hard work, knowledge, and dedication.


The ultimate proving grounds for esports players are the big-ticket tournaments. Held all over the world, these tournaments bring out the best and brightest to compete for tournament glory and cold, hard cash. We have all the latest news, streams, and information on all current, past, and future tournaments. If it’s a major tournament in the esports world, you’ll find everything about it below.


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  • VR connoisseur.
  • Passion for MMORPGs.
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  • Resident League and Overwatch fanatic.
  • Seasoned Taric veteran.
  • Long time gamer and Esports enthusiast.
  • Communicates better with machines than with humans.
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  • Professional procrastinator.
  • CT-side hunchback.
  • Doesn’t care about your opinion.
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  • Spends way too much time in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Always avoids using a mic.
  • Enjoys cooking for others as a hobby
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  • Cloud9’s biggest fan (C9 tatt life).
  • Been playing League for 10 years and counting.
  • Waiting for the rise of Civilization esports.
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  • Way too into fighting games.
  • Maintains the EsportsTalk social media.
  • Spends too much on clothes.
  • CS:GO news creator.
  • MMORPG lover (Runescape for life).
  • Talks too fast.
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  • Support Main
  • Addicted to the “Yakuza” franchise
  • Card Game Enthusiast
  • Secures 80% of Chris’ kills in SMITE